Rock Climber Red Rock Canyon

Rock Climbing In Red Rock Canyon

Outdoors in Las Vegas is perfect in March, and using the Slinvte App we had the perfect opportunity to finally rock climb outdoors in Red Rock Canyon before it got too hot. We joined a well established climbing group with some friendly folks who know the ropes (literally). We packed out our climbing shoes and […]

Miami Deep Sea Fishing

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Bachelor Party

A group of us 8 friends set off to Miami to celebrate in true bachelor party style with Slinvite making it easy to organize the events. The task at hand was to jump into our boat, enjoy a few beers, and catch enough fish to provide dinner for the evening. So on Saturday morning we […]

Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike

Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike

While it may be winter time in Las Vegas, NV, we created a Slinvite for Saturday afternoon because of some warm weather to get outdoors and adventure a little. We planned a morning hike in Red Rock at Calico Tanks with the intention of getting off the trail a little. When we set out our […]

La Jolla Scuba Diving

La Jolla Scuba Diving

With a trip planned to San Diego I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to freshen up on my scuba diving skills since it had been about a year and a half since I had suited up. Using the Slinvite App and the SD Expeditions team, we were set for a morning dive at […]

Slinvite App Las Vegas Nightclubs

Meet Others Going Out In Las Vegas

Easily see who is going to what clubs Join groups headed out with similar plans Allow others to join you and your friends Keep everyone up to date without annoying group texts It’s effortless to share your photos with everyone involved So you’re in Las Vegas and ready to hit up some of the best […]

Potato Chip Rock

Hiking Mt. Woodson Trail To Potato Chip Rock

We had seen a ton of photos on Instagram over the years about Potato Chip Rock near San Diego California. These photos had sparked our interest because of the rock’s ridiculous cantilever overhang which is still strong enough to hold the weight of those that dare to walk out and stand near its edge. Their […]

The Range 702 CCW Class

The Range 702 CCW Class

For quite some time I had been wanting to educate myself on firearms and our rights as Americans. The Range 702 in Las Vegas offered a carry concealed weapons (CCW) class that presented an opportunity for both classroom instruction and firing range training. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about the 2nd […]

XS Nightclub Las Vegas Birthday

XS Nightclub Birthday Celebration

Las Vegas is known for being one of the best locations on the planet to celebrate. With top hospitality, dining, and nightlife venues present at every property, it’s the perfect place to let loose. So on Saturday night some Slinvite members did just that. We set out to celebrate a special 30th birthday occasion with […]

Cowboy Caves In Red Rock Canyon Cowboy Caves In Red Rock Canyon Cowboy Caves In Red Rock Canyon

Cowboy Caves In Red Rock Canyon

We sought to mix things up in Las Vegas this weekend and were in search of caves; cowboy caves to be exact. Some of our Slinvite members had heard there were multiple underground areas to explore just south of the Red Rock National Park. Now that it’s colder in Vegas, we decided for a late […]

Kraft Mountain Loop Trail Kraft Mountain Loop Trail Kraft Mountain Loop Trail

Kraft Mountain Loop Trail

This was my first time hiking with a group in Red Rock in an area east of the national park. We got an early start and were treated to some spectacular clouds and a bright moon display lingering over the actual mountains. The Kraft Mountain Loop Trail is moderate in difficulty with limited scrambling. You’ll […]


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