Rock Climber Red Rock Canyon

Rock Climbing In Red Rock Canyon

Outdoors in Las Vegas is perfect in March, and using the Slinvte App we had the perfect opportunity to finally rock climb outdoors in Red Rock Canyon before it got too hot. We joined a well established climbing group with some friendly folks who know the ropes (literally). We packed out our climbing shoes and harnesses, and met them at 8 am.
Rock Climb Red Rock Canyon

The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, with small breezes and the sun was in the sky. To top it all off the gentleman leading the group brought his super friendly dog who probably loved being outdoors more than us. We carpooled into the National Park, parked near the spot where we would be spending the afternoon, and hiked to wall. Upon arriving we went through all our gear, and progressed through instructions on climbing, belaying, and safety.
Red Rock Group Climbers

The spot where we were directed to climb already had anchors set, so we had the opportunity to both climb and descend as well as lead climb where we set in the clips as we ascended. The rocks in this area were definitely a challenge, but something we completely enjoyed conquering. We took turns climbing the routes, cheering each other on, and meeting the other groups that also came to scale the outdoor wall.
Red Rock Vegas Climbers

We all got a few climbs in each and definitely felt accomplished as we cleaned up our gear and prepared to hike back to the parking area. This experience rock climbing outdoors in Red Rock is 100% something we would like to do again. We are looking forward to connecting with this team again in Slinvite.
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