The Range 702 CCW Class

The Range 702 CCW Class

For quite some time I had been wanting to educate myself on firearms and our rights as Americans. The Range 702 in Las Vegas offered a carry concealed weapons (CCW) class that presented an opportunity for both classroom instruction and firing range training. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about the 2nd amendment rights while enjoying some actual shooting techniques. While Nevada is an open carry state, completion of this specific course starts the process of allowing an individual to carry a concealed weapon. We setup a Slinvite and a group of us set out to attend on Saturday morning.

We had a list of items we needed to bring to the course which included the following:

  • Valid Photo Identification
  • Your Handgun
  • Holster
  • 50 Rounds
  • Two Magazines (minimum)
  • Eye & Ear Protection

Our two instructors who ran the course started our morning in the class room. We learned about the science of how pistols fire, what kinds there are, and how they work. From there they taught us when we have the right to fire in self defense and what it means to conceal carry. The afternoon was spent with us taking an exam, and from there we were taken to the actual shooting range. This was obviously the most exciting part. Both instructors walked us through a shooting stance and how to remove the weapon from our holster and correctly transition into the stance of aiming. Safety, safety, safety was undoubtedly the focus.

After a few rounds of stance training we were split into groups of four and set up in front of our targets. While the instructors monitored, we were told to draw our weapons and take our first shots at the targets. The next hour or so was spent honing our aiming, firing, and reloading skills. We altered the distances to our targets, shot off multiple rounds in succession, and even were tested on firing while moving backWard. When the firing range session came to a conclusion, we were brought back to the classroom and were provided our certificates for those who passed.

All in all this was both an educational and enjoyable course. Both the subjects and techniques taught had value and were entertaining. All of our Slinvite members passed so that was a bonus.

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