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Miami Deep Sea Fishing Bachelor Party

A group of us 8 friends set off to Miami to celebrate in true bachelor party style with Slinvite making it easy to organize the events. The task at hand was to jump into our boat, enjoy a few beers, and catch enough fish to provide dinner for the evening. So on Saturday morning we did just that. We arrived at the dock with group members in various states from drinking the night before. We located our captain and charter vessel, and prepared to launch.

Our captain gave us a run through with simple instructions for the day. They fired up the engine, made one quick stop to pick up live bait, and we set out into the Atlantic. We had heard that one person in every group would get seasick. Whether from the rocking of the waves, or the booze from the night before, we had two guys that ended up donating their breakfast overboard. With the fish finder helping to navigate us to our first destination, our boat came to a stop and the captain ordered us to cast out all the lines. After some minor tangles we got our first bite near the back of the boat.

Tuna Catch Miami
Slinvite Fishing Miami

The rod bent over and the bachelor jumped in to reel in the catch. It was immediately apparent there was something powerful on the line as this grown man struggled to bring in the catch. He pulled up the rod and fought the fish to gain inches on the line. The bachelor party group circled around and cheered him on with both support and mockery. All of a sudden it seemed that the fish had given up and he began to gain ground on the fight. We looked down into the blue ocean waters as we could barely make out the silver sparkle of what he was about to reel in. With excitement in the air he brought the fish up out of the water to reveal a large king fish, or what appeared to be one.
Miami Fishing Catches

It was definitely a king fish, but remarkably it was only the front half. The bottom half had been taken away by a shark. The good news was it was so large there was plenty of meat. With the help of our captain and his team we hit a few more spots along the Miami coast line and ended up snagging another king fish, two tuna, two groupers, and one other fish I have no idea what it was. All in all it was a complete success. As we headed back into town the group knew dinner would be on its way soon.

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