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  • Keep everyone up to date without annoying group texts
  • It’s effortless to share your photos with everyone involved

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So you’re in Las Vegas and ready to hit up some of the best nightclubs in the world. Fantastic! Whether you are riding solo, out with your significant other, or ready to experience it all with a group of friends, you’ve likely already accessed for the free guest list services and are planning the night out. One of the things that makes Las Vegas great is the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world. We’ve had countless occasions where trips to the clubs introduced us to amazing people that made the night so much better. Sometimes it’s just nice to meet up before the club with new friends and have a preparty or enjoy drinks at a lounge or bar.

The Slinvite app was created to make it easier than ever for people to connect and easily enjoy the activities they love doing. Going to nightclubs is a perfect example. You’re planning to party at a club, why not connect with some people beforehand and enjoy it together? You might discover your new best friends or people that will only make the party experience that much more fun. Maybe you have a group of guys looking to see what girls are headed out tonight? Maybe you’re in a bachelorette party and are interested in seeing what guys have a table? Maybe you’re a couple looking to head out with other couples? Who knows, you could just be the only one in your group that wants to go out and want to meet others who are as well.

Have no fear. We always have individuals, couples, and groups ask us how they can meet similar people, and thus Slinvite was born. There’s no reason to go out alone when there are countless others planning to head to the same fantastic venues. Best of all the app is free and is simpler than ever to set events, groups, and locations to conquer boredom.

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