La Jolla Scuba Diving

La Jolla Scuba Diving

With a trip planned to San Diego I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to freshen up on my scuba diving skills since it had been about a year and a half since I had suited up. Using the Slinvite App and the SD Expeditions team, we were set for a morning dive at La Jolla Cove.

SD Expeditions

Photo Credit: Katie Kozma

SD Expeditions set us up with our own gear and personal guide to explore the canyon wall in the bay. After suiting up, getting some refreshers on technique, safety, and the plan for the dive, we marched to the beach and waded into the water. We were expecting it to be cold since it was a bit chilly for San Diego, but were pleasantly surprised it wasn’t so bad in the water. With our tanks on our back we swam and floated our way away from the shore toward the canyon wall drop off where plenty of wildlife is known to hang out.

Dive La Jolla

Photo Credit: SD Expeditions

Once we dropped down under the water our guide took the lead and helped us locate hidden fish, crabs, and plant life that were living in the rocks. It was definitely nice to have a return to diving, and like riding a bicycle, it quickly came back to me after making adjustments to my weight belt and BCD. Thanks to Slinvite we were able to find other divers as we planned our travels, and easily setup our plans for the event.

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