Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike

Calico Tanks Red Rock Hike

While it may be winter time in Las Vegas, NV, we created a Slinvite for Saturday afternoon because of some warm weather to get outdoors and adventure a little. We planned a morning hike in Red Rock at Calico Tanks with the intention of getting off the trail a little. When we set out our goal was to reach some of the peaks that surround the common trail and look for some Geocaching treasures. With perfect weather we met up and carpooled into the park. We parked our vehicles, gathered our gear and set off.

The normal Calico Tanks trail is rated as moderate and has a distance of about 2.5 miles. An average round trip takes about 2 hours. This trail includes stunning rock formations and colors as well as wash beds and spots with plant life and trees. It visually encompasses what Red Rock is all about. Near the end of the hike there can be a small like in the rocks, and past there are some fantastic views of the mountains, Las Vegas as a city, and even The Strip.
Calico Tanks Trail

Our group headed in like normal and decided to take a sharp left to find our way towards the top of Red Cap and make our way towards the territory east back towards Las Vegas. For one of our new Slinvite members it was his first time finding his own way and he was blown away by the hidden ponds and amazing rock formations found atop this area just south of Ash Canyon. At the peak we found a little Geocaching box with some trinkets and notes. Our group left our own and left the treasure for the next adventurers to find.

From there we headed back south toward the normal trail where we were once again running into normal hikers. We took a small rest and had a snack. The group wasn’t ready to head back to the cars yet, so we decided to head south and try and reach the top of the formation below the Calico main tank. By finding our way of the cracks and slightly steep crevices we were able to achieve our goal, and were treated to some amazing views of the entire Red Rock reserve.
Red Rock Hiking

Feeling accomplished, and seeing some rain clouds headed our way, we decided to head back. We discovered a new way down from the top and landed back in the normal trail. From there it was a quick and easy escape and we were happy to have beaten the incoming rain clouds. Our next Slinvite goal will be to reach the top of Gray Cap, a neighboring spot near by.

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