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WTF – What The Fitness With Tony Cress Personal Training

Tony Cress has been a personal training and fitness class leader in Las Vegas for some time now, and we had the pleasure of joining his newly launched WTF (What The Fitness) Class. While he provides solutions for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced, this class is definitely not an entry level option. But for a group of 13 established workout partners it was a challenging, rewarding, and all together fun experience.

The class was definitely high intensity and we were given group exercises instructions that we had to accomplish before moving on to the next. The best part was having smaller groups within the class to both learn the exercises, to help encourage, and to also add a level of enjoyment and smiles when objectives were accomplished. Tony Cress Personal Training is focused on movement and there is a refreshing emphasis on doing things correctly. While some of the fitness tasks were new to a lot of the group members, proper instruction had us up to speed in no time. I personally enjoyed using the TRX the most as well as flipping tires with a partner.

After completing the 1 hour class I was definitely worn out, but felt great about it, and quite accomplished. Plus, I had met some new friends and new people to help push me. You will definitely see me back there next week.

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