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Slinvite groups beat the heat in Las Vegas this month by having fun on a 1,000 foot slide. The inflated vinyl slide is setup by Slide the City, a company that spends the summer taking their excitement around the US. It was like an urban block party for everyone to enjoy. With upbeat music and a friendly staff, our group met up on site, checked in with our tickets, and were given an inner tube, wristband, and small backpack. We headed up the hill and began inflating our soon to be sliding companions.

As we climbed toward the top we could see just how fast this slide was going to be. Slide the City staff were positioned along the run with hoses keeping water running to ensure maximum friction reduction. There were three lines to choose from so our group split up. There was only a short wait, and our members began preparing to make the descent. With a quick confirmation from the staff to proceed, I took three running steps and jumped on top of my inner tube.

Flying down the slide was exhilarating and refreshing. I could see others from our group in the slides next to me, ahead of me, as well as behind as I spun my way down the hill. Being 1,000 feet long made the ride last for enough time to feel like a full ride, and a ton of the excitement comes from trying to actually come to a halt at the bottom. Staff members were there to help us slow down and make our way out; just in the time to head back to the top for a few more runs.

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