The Refuge Climbing Center The Refuge Climbing Center

The Refuge Climbing Center

The goal was to find something active and new to join, and rock climbing seemed to be the perfect fit. We set out to join a Slinvite and try our first indoor rock climbing at The Refuge Climbing Center in Las Vegas. We walked in, signed our waivers, got fitted for some climbing shoes, and met the group. Even through we were beginners they gave us a crash course in the basics, and the center had a wide range of climbing options from beginners to advanced.

This indoor climbing was actual bouldering, which meant there were no harnesses or ropes necessary. The floor was completely padded and we jumped right in. Climbing difficulty is determined by the color of the elements in the climbing routes. White was beginner, blue a little harder, green a littler harder, and so on. White was a great place to start and get acclimated. After a few successful climbs some of us began to attempt more difficult routes.

I will say this, rock climbing is a great workout. There just was something about the competitiveness to try and get to the top of the route even when my muscles wanted to call it quits that made it even more engaging. The groups of climbers there were happy to offer tips and tricks to us beginners, and even though I could barely grab my steering wheel for the drive home because my hands were so fatigued, I will definitely be checking Slinvite for another opportunity to return.

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